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With the reform and opening up policy and the concept concentrating on the innovation in system, mechanism, management and products, Fly-Dragon Electric Co., Ltd. has yielded magnificent results in the 30 years. Now, we are at the new beginning which means our corporation is growing from adolescence to maturity, becoming sophisticated yet dynamic. Our personnel is confronted with new challenges meanwhile new opportunities. 
Our mission is to establish a modern knowledge enterprise, which is internationally competitive, evergreen industry based and highly aware of its social obligation. Therefore, we are expected to cling to the core values of the corporaton all the time: Honesty, Studiousness, Innovation, Harmony, Excellence, Win-win.        
Honesty is the cornerstone of our corporation as well as the starting point of all actions. Only through honesty can we standardize business practices strictly according to the law concerned, establish credit system, attract elites of all walks of life. Only with a sincere and pragmatic attitude to promote the development of each business can we form an elite team willing to dedicate to the cause of our corporation..
It is studiouness that guarantees the formation of permanent competitiveness of our corporation. As we know, the new century starts to see an age of knowledge economy, and the competition among corporations will become much more tense, hence, studying results in accumulating and enriching knowledge, updating concepts continuously, narrowing the gap between the top enterprises at home and abroad and us; besides, lifelong learning ensures permanent running of the company.       
Innovation is the life and soul of our corporation. We would always give innovation a significant position and keep on applying innovation in concept, organization and system, technology and products. Only by innovation, can the corporation be permanently vital and really remain invincible in the competition among companies in market. 
Harmony is necessary for a country as well as society, let alone a corporation. For a corporation, focusing on teamwork and harmony and putting aside disagreement are the solid foundation which secures its sustainable development, meanwhile being magnanimous and having large capacity are the basis where the corporation’s stable development stems. Fairness, justice, modesty, righteousness, objectivity, science, showing great foresight and uniting thoughts are the strategic aim of the corporation’s harmonious development.
Seeking after excellence is our persevererant goal. But if a corporation strives to be excellent, it needs to grow arduously, set appropriate goal of strategy, establish the scientific outlook on development, build up well-organized system of operation, stick to the concept “people first” and actively promote band effectiveness and culture construction of our corporation. 
The corporation is common wealth. It can never expand or ceaselessly develop without the sincere care of the government, society and customers and the unremitting effort of the personnel and stockholders. We are thankful and the best way to express our thankfulness is enhancing competitivenes contimuously, establishing core valu, accomplishing our mission and realizing our core idea. With win-win of the society, customers, staff and stockholders being our ultimate aim we are expecting to cooperate with people from all walks of life.

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